5 things girls moan about 

Girls moan about a lot of things here are jut 5 of them 

1. Not having enough shoes.                                                                                                                                                                       

Going out tonight what shoes to wear?     The gold heels … nope they look stupid wooden wedges… eww no so 2012 suede trainers…they not look right after trying on about 15 pairs they scream I HAVE NO SHOES!                                                                                  
2.  Not having clothes that look okay together.                                                                                  

  How about this skirt n crop top… gross it looks like an old woman’s skirt              This dress with this jacket makes me look like a 2 year old     

3.  Being too fat.

Omg this top look so stupid because I’m too fat …..    i need to do exercise because I’m too fat.

4. Not being able to fit in any clothes sizes 

Wow i love that swimsuit (tries on size 6) wow that’s tiny (tries on size 12) why is that so big. I wish there was a size 11 

5. And finally every girls worst thing Periods

A girl could be in the happiest mood ever before she goes out she’s on her period and she’s so mardy then angry then father about an hour she’s craving chocolate ice cream 🙄

  Thanks for reading this short little rant on go add my Snapchat- internetgirl20 



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