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Hi people I know that I never go on this account anymore but I would just like you to check out my new blog here is the link can copy then paste it into safari or just click on it if it doesn’t work on this page go into the comments and click the link I have put in the comments 



A bit of a change 

A bit of a change 

Hello readers there is going to be a little change to this blog…

I don’t want to do this blog anymore so I am starting another one 

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Goodbye from this blog but I hope you follow and like my new one xoxo

10 Things everyone does at school

  1. Colour your nails in with pen or highlighters🖍
  2. Write all over your hands and arms🖋
  3. Talk to everyone no matter where you sit
  4. Only listen to certain things a teacher says👨‍🏫
  5. Rock on your chair 
  6. Cut paper into tiny pieces ✂️
  7. Stick chewing gum under the desk 🤢
  8. Going on your phone when you are not meant to
  9. Listening to music when your not meant to
  10. Flinging rulers around the classroom

If anybody does this comment down below or comment what you or other people do 

Have a nice night xoxo


    Recipes for baking  

    I thought as something different i might do a few of my own recipes for baking and kids especially love these.

    Butterfly buns 

    You will need:

    100g  of margarine 

    100g of caster sugar 

    2 medium eggs 

    And 100g of self raising flour

    Making the buttercream

    50g of margarine or butter

    100g sieved icing sugar


    1.  Heat the oven to 190 degrees c , 375 degrees F , gas mark 5
    2. Get ready 18 cupcake cases
    3. Cream margarine and sugar until light and fluffy 
    4. Beat both eggs one at a time adding a bit of flour each time 
    5. Now Carefully fold in the rest of the flour 
    6. Half fill the cupcake cases with the mixture 
    7. Bake for about 15 inter until firm 
    8. When they are cold cut a slice out of the the top of each then cut that in half
    9. Add the butter cream to the cake and place the wings around the icing dust with icing sugar for decoration 
    10. Now finally enjoy your butterfly buns with a nice cup of tea.

    Jam tart

    You will need:

    100g of short crust pastry 


    Jam or lemon curd


    1. Heat the oven to 200 degrees C , 400 degrees F, gas mark 6
    2. Roll out pastry thinly, cut in rounds using 7.5 cm cutters then line 18 muffin tins
    3. Put a little jam or lemon in the centre but do not overfill 
    4. Bake for about 15 mins 
    5. You can add a little bit of  jam or lemon curd when cooked.

    I hope you enjoy these recipies 

    Comment your favourite recipies Down below and comment if you would like me to do some more recipies 

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    All you need on a Monday night 

    This is literally all i need on my Monday night a nice warm cup of tea with girl online going solo and calm acoustic songs from Spotify. The little cupcake is a candle that smells absolutely amazing you dont even need to light it to get the smell.the Spotify channel for acoustic songs is acoustic HITS it is really good for when reading a book xoxo this is just a quick update i will do my actual post later and that will be up at 8pm xoxo 

    5 things girls moan about 

    Girls moan about a lot of things here are jut 5 of them 

    1. Not having enough shoes.                                                                                                                                                                       

    Going out tonight what shoes to wear?     The gold heels … nope they look stupid wooden wedges… eww no so 2012 suede trainers…they not look right after trying on about 15 pairs they scream I HAVE NO SHOES!                                                                                  
    2.  Not having clothes that look okay together.                                                                                  

      How about this skirt n crop top… gross it looks like an old woman’s skirt              This dress with this jacket makes me look like a 2 year old     

    3.  Being too fat.

    Omg this top look so stupid because I’m too fat …..    i need to do exercise because I’m too fat.

    4. Not being able to fit in any clothes sizes 

    Wow i love that swimsuit (tries on size 6) wow that’s tiny (tries on size 12) why is that so big. I wish there was a size 11 

    5. And finally every girls worst thing Periods

    A girl could be in the happiest mood ever before she goes out she’s on her period and she’s so mardy then angry then father about an hour she’s craving chocolate ice cream 🙄

      Thanks for reading this short little rant on go add my Snapchat- internetgirl20 


    Hello internet

    Hello my name is going to be internet girl on here I thought i might try blogging out for a change. I got the idea of doing a blog from Zoe Suggs book ‘girl online’. Zoe is one of my favourite you tubers as well as her brother joe and many others.

    I don’t expect this blog to get many views as it is my first blog.

    I have tried a blog before but I didn’t have the equipment.
    I will do another real blog later on and i will post every Sunday Tuesday Thursday and Saturdays or if i don’t post it’s probably because I’m busy but i will try my hardest to post 
    I hope you enjoy my blogs (if anyone eve reads it)


                                             See you next time XOXO